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Central New York Needs a Voice in Washington:

Brandon Williams

Puts People Before Politics

CENTRAL NEW YORKERS... It’s time for Washington, D.C. to work for us – not the pay to play lobbyists politicians in Washington are more focused on making happy. It’s time Washington tackles the issues that truly matter and impact our hardworking families every day.

Ending Devastating Inflation and Curtailing Washington's Wasteful Spending bankrupting our families, making it harder to put food on the table, closing the doors of small businesses, and many New Yorkers’ American Dream.

Curtailing Washington’s spending that jeopardizes our children’s futures, hikes costs of everyday needs, and gives your hard-earned tax dollars to special interest pet projects.

Central New York Needs A Political Outsider Who is Motivated by Public Service and Building a Brighter Future for Generations to Come: 

Vote Brandon Williams for New York’s 22nd Congressional District.


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Get to Know Brandon Williams

Brandon is a Navy Veteran, an Entrepreneur, and, most importantly, a proud husband and father of two children. 

Brandon entered the U.S. Navy Officer Candidate School and became a nuclear submarine officer, where he led several tours at sea. It was during his time in the Navy that he met and fell in love with his wife, Stephanie.

Dedicated to creating more opportunities for Central New Yorkers, Mr. Williams has successfully built and ran multiple businesses in the Finger Lakes region. Through paving the way to his own American Dream, Williams has seen first-hand the challenges small businesses, families, and hardworking Americans face every day. These challenges and with the support of his family, Brandon Williams stepped up to run for Congress with a continued commitment to putting Central New York's needs above the political noise in Washington.

A Lifetime of Service 


Brandon Williams has dedicated his life to protecting the United States of America -- from enemies both foreign and domestic. A veteran of the United States Navy, Williams entered the race for New York's 22nd Congressional District with the determination to bring back prosperity to Central New York and ensure our country remains the greatest place on earth for generations to come. Williams is not a politician, nor is he interested in making politics a second career. As such, Central New Yorkers can be sure Williams is vying for Washington purely to represent their best interests and has committed to serving for a limited period of time by signing "the United States Term Limits Pledge."



Brandon Williams Pledges to Support Term Limits on Congress

Congressional District

New York’s 22nd Congressional District Includes the Hardworking New Yorkers of Onondaga, Madison, Oneida, and parts of Owego County.



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See If You're In New York 22's Congressional District

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